Yoga is a sculpture of spirituality, meditation, breathing and relaxation. It is an idyllic way to let your worries and stress go away for some time. Yoga has been accepted as a way of connecting human with God. Some people believe that it is just like an exercise but it is more than that. In essence, it is a practice of escalating your flexibility level and potency of the body. This commotion has been practiced for thousands of years by Vedas and has changed a lot from the ancient time. The exact origin of Yoga is not identified but is said that it first came into subsistence before 3000 B.C. By connecting pieces of yogis and past facts, it is known that it came from East. The first evidence of Yoga was found in Rig-Veda which is a symphony of hymns. The human body is made of five sheets i.e. food, breath, mind, mental power and heaven so Yoga has a divine power of curing many diseases like cancer, heart diseases, asthma and schizophrenia. The pre-Vedic tradition of India introduced this amazing practice. It was earlier originated from Buddhist Nikayas which Swami Vivekananda later took to the West. Then this was accepted as a form of exercise by the western world.

Let’s take a look on the principles of Yoga:
Relaxation: It implies that the body is in relaxed mode free from all the worries and tensions. Just lay down straight like a dead body. This posture is known as Savasana. This pose lets you relax and connect with God.
Proper Exercise: Yoga as known to everyone is a form of exercise. It comprises of Asanas i.e. exercise and workouts. Yoga is a relaxed way to maintain your body.
Breathing: It is also known as Pranayama. In this, you have to breathe properly in open air and it open up your internal system and soul.
Balanced Diet: Taking proper diet when you are practicing Yoga is very vital. It needs proper attention and diet if you actually want to pull off the benefits out of it.
Meditation: It is a process where the mind tries to take its control and goes in calm mode. It comprises of enchanting mantras repeatedly by closing the eyes. It is very much helpful in building positive thinking towards life and is also known as Dhyana.

Yoga has been accepted widely all over the world by many people. It has the heavenly power of curing many diseases like heart diseases, cancer, spine problems and many more if practiced regularly. It makes your body supple and flexible and teaches you to keep calm and relaxed in life. You start getting positive attitude towards life. It is also known as meditation and a practice of spirituality which implies getting the soul free from worries and stress. With this, the soul and mind gets in the pure and unconscious state separated from the world. This is the only method of connecting to God and attaining salvation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]