Release the Bad Toxins Out of the Body

Yoga has gained popularity rapidly and almost 70% of the population has accepted it as a mode of good health. It has various styles like Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Sun Salutation etc. All these styles serve their own purpose in terms of health and boosting the mind. I would like to discuss about Ashtanga Yoga today as this is one of my favourites. This asana is very useful in meditation, enhancing the body, spirit and mind. The person gets energetic with this yoga and learns to synchronize breathing. The Ashtanga yoga was founded by Sri K.Pattbhi Jois in old times. Basically, the term Ashtanga implies “eight limbs”. And this is derived from Patanjali.

The second name of Ashtanga yoga is power yoga which has gained popularity with time. This yoga is hard for the beginners as it has higher difficulty levels than other asanas. And moreover, it has series of steps which have to be completed in order to perform the asana properly. Due to the difficulty level of the asana, this asana is performed by athletes as it is the capability to increase the resilience and potency. The switching between the series take place very frequently so focus is very important. Unlike other forms of yoga, it focuses on the strength whereas others focus on breathing and flexibility of the body.

If you are doing Yoga for the first time, then probably it is not the one for you. The first step of this asana is also very tough to start upon. To start with, go for a basic warm up first. It is done to freshen up your body and stretching your muscles. Then you can start with the asana, but make sure one thing that you have to frequently move on to the next poses without any delay. So you must have observed that this is one of the difficult forms of yoga. Coming to its levels, there are three levels which are performed in a series.

Let’s take a sneak-peak in the types of levels:
1. In first level, the main focus is on the alignment of body. The toxins are expelled out of the body with the help of the asana.
2. Then coming to the next step, nervous system is cleaned from within the inner. And the energy channels get opened which are helpful in cleaning the body.
3. Then at the last, it is the advanced level and is used for the measurement of power.

So, all I can say is that it is very energetic and attractive for those who can perform the yoga on independent basis. It has many other benefits like it relieves you of the pain, stiffness of the body, joint pains and sore muscles etc. The muscles and body becomes very flexible than before and toned as well. It is very good for health. You get mentally and emotionally benefitted from the asana. It helps you in releasing the negative thoughts out of your mind and inhales some positivity in the mind as well as heart. This form of yoga has therapeutic benefits and it keeps you fit all day long. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]