Release the Bad Toxins Out of the Body Yoga has gained popularity rapidly and almost 70% of the population has accepted it as a mode of good health. It has various styles like Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Sun Salutation etc. All these styles serve their own purpose in terms of health and boosting the mind. I would like to discuss about Ashtanga Yoga today as this is one of my favourites. This asana is very useful in meditation, enhancing the body, spirit and mind. The person gets energetic with this yoga and learns to synchronize breathing. The Ashtanga yoga was founded by Sri K.PattbhiRead More →

Yoga is a sculpture of spirituality, meditation, breathing and relaxation. It is an idyllic way to let your worries and stress go away for some time. Yoga has been accepted as a way of connecting human with God. Some people believe that it is just like an exercise but it is more than that. In essence, it is a practice of escalating your flexibility level and potency of the body. This commotion has been practiced for thousands of years by Vedas and has changed a lot from the ancient time. The exact origin of Yoga is not identified but is said that it first cameRead More →

Through the practice of Yoga we can tap into our highest human potential, which gives us the ability to transcend our human condition of pleasure and pain. If we don’t have a genuine longing for self-transformation we will not have genuine Yoga. Yoga is about purifying ourselves on all levels, which includes body, mind, spirit, speech, actions and our thoughts. This is about cultivating ethics for ethics is the foundation of Yoga and the gateway to God-realization. Here is a quote from the Cula-Malunkya-Sutta found in the Majjhima-Nikaya: “Without ethical perfection, no spiritual progress or realization is possible. A Yogic student or aspirant must meRead More →

In today’s hectic life, no one is mentally or physically fit. Everyone is emotionally and mentally so much disturbed that they find one or another way to get out of this. People are getting attracted to severe diseases forcefully and cannot help it out. To lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, yoga is the one and only alternative. Meditation has been practiced since years ago and now it has gained fame with time. So if you actually want to lead a healthy life and finding a solution to your problems, you have landed at the right place. Yoga teacher training is the perfect answer toRead More →